Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why Choose Urology? part 4

4) Lifestyle. Although money can't buy love and happiness, anyone choosing a specialty clearly considers their future income and lifestyle. Surgical subspecialties as a whole tend to do very well monetarily أرباح نقدية, and urology is no exception. The surgical lifestyle does often mean early mornings, but depending on what you are looking for, the work-week can be very much tailored to your desires. In fact, urology allows a much more flexible (and potentially less rigorous) lifestyle than many other surgical specialties--particularly general surgery. This is mostly due to the rarity of urological emergencies, meaning nearly every procedure can be scheduled in advance. What is important is this: there is the option to devote yourself to your work if that is your passion, and if you are looking more for "The Good Life," urology provides that opportunity about as well as any medical field. In addition, know that there is tremendous job availability in urology--the limited number of urologists trained each year puts them in short supply.



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