Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Why Choose Urology? part 3

3) People. It may seem simplistic to generalize about the types of people who go into a particular specialty, but nearly everybody finds that they tend to fit in with doctors in certain fields and not in others. If you liked the urologists you have worked with, think about what it was you liked about them. Urologists tend to be the "friendly, funny, and happy surgeons." Of course, this is an immense generalization, but there is something to the stereotype. And it is just this stereotype that attracts many medical students into urology. Career choices are often disproportionately influenced by a doctor or two who take a particular interest in a given student. It is therefore important not to place too much weight on one rotation in which you loved/hated your experience. Know, however, that if you thought the urologists were a fun, down-to-earth group of surgeons, you probably had the most common experience. Hey, you'd be laughing a lot of the time, too, if you were dealing with all things urologic all the time.



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