Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Advances in Erectile Technology (part 3)

External Penile Support Devices

Recently, a new mechanical device called 'Erektor' was introduced. The device is applied externally and no surgical intervention is required. It is marketed to provide length and rigidity to the penile shaft and is worn during sexual intercourse. The device is manufactured and developed by Global Life Technologies and has received press in Urology Times Magazine ( Figure 1 displays the Erektor apparatus.
 Figure 1: Erektor – composed of two cylindrical rings attached by a rigid rod. The penile shaft is placed within the confines of the rings. The rigid bar sites on the ventral shaft of the penis and provides rigidity for intercourse. Source:

It is composed of two rings attached to an interspaced rigid rod. The penile shaft is placed within the confines of the rings and the rigid rods lie along the ventral aspect of the penis. The penile shaft is stretched when the device is worn and intercourse may then ensue. Each device is individually customized to the patient's phallic length. However, there has been no documented research or trials to provide the efficacy of the device. Nevertheless, its unique and technologically innovative design deserves mention as an option for patients seeking nonpharmaceutical/noninvasive treatment.

Another penile support device consists of a penile cast that is worn externally during intercourse. It is composed of a body and attachments. Three sizes are available: medium, large and extra-large (T. Iwai, personal communication). Two corona glans openings provide sensation during intercourse (Figure 2).

Figure 2: The penile cast worn during intercourse provides rigidity to the penile shaft and sensation is gained through the coronal glans window. Source: Courtesy of Takehisa Iwai, MD, PhD.

There have been no published trials to establish the efficacy of the device at this time. However, it may serve as an option for patients with end-organ failure who may not be candidates for, or unable to afford, penile implants.



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