Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back To The Future! - Urine Cytology Re-invented

Cytosystems is a clinical stage diagnostic Development Company focussed on the development of technology for the diagnosis and prognosis of urological cancers including bladder and prostate cancer. 

There are in excess of 3.6 million cystoscopies for Transitional Cell Cancer of the bladder (TCC) carried out each year in Europe and the USA. These diagnostic approaches are invariably invasive and uncomfortable for the patient, requiring either local or general anaesthesia, and expensive hospital out-patient (office procedures) or in-patient procedures.

To help meet this unmet clinical need, Cytosystems has developed a suite of patent protected biomarker and enabling technologies by re-inventing and significantly improving the performance of urine cytology. Many Urologists and Cytopathologists accept the theoretical advantages of a simple, cheap non-invasive urine test for bladder cancer, but are looking for superior sensitivity and specificity performance over conventional cytology.

Results to date, which have involved more than 700 patients across five different locations in the UK, have proved to be so highly encouraging, even in detecting lower grade cancer, that the test is now the subject of a large scale ISO 13612 performance evaluation study.

Cytosystems is ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 accredited and is actively working towards CE marking its diagnostic kit and instrumentation.



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