Thursday, December 5, 2013

Important questions to ask during history taking to child’s urinary incontinence

When does your child wet itself: only at night or also
during the day time?
How often does this occur (for example, every night or
several times every month)?
Where does it occur (only at home, only outside the
How often does your child go to the toilet every day;
does he/she have to get up at night?
Do your child’s underpants have yellow staining during
the day?
Have you observed so-called holding maneuvers?
How does your child urinate?
Is the urine stream intermittent; does your child have to
strain or squeeze?
Has your child had urinary tract infections in the past
Does your child suffer from constipation, soiling, encopresis?
What are your child’s drinking habits (how much, what,
Does your child drink large volumes of fluids, especially
in the evening?
Have you observed signs of a general developmental
Have you observed psychological or behavioral abnormalities?
Does your child have comorbidities or has he/she had
What has already been done to treat the child’s urinary
Does your child encounter stressful situations within the

family or at school?



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