Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Discoordinated micturition

Discoordinated micturition is characterized by continued tightening of the pelvic floor during micturition and resulting bladder voiding problems (1). Mostly, this is due to acquired malfunction (for example, an incorrect sitting posture, or as a reaction to painful micturition during urinary tract infections/Lichen sclerosus).
The cardinal symptoms are a weak urine stream and staccato متقطع micturition. Urinary tract infections and bowel voiding disorders are common comorbidities.

1. van Gool JD, de Jong TPVM, Winkler-Seinstra P, et al.: A comparison of standard therapy, bladder rehabilitation with biofeedback, and pharmacotherapy in children with non-neuropathic bladder sphincter dysfunction. Neurourol Urodyn 1999; 18: 261–2.



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