Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Biograph mCT Flow ---FlowMotion, the end of stop and go.

Diagnostic imaging is expected to deliver  definitive and timely answers to clinical  questions. And, in today’s increasingly competitive and rapidly changing healthcare environment, these answers must be provided in the safest and most efficient way possible. While every hospital and physician strives to deliver the best care, patient expectations for a comfortable, stress-free imaging experience continue to increase. To meet these growing demands for higher-quality and more patient-centered care, PET/CT must overcome the limitations defined by conventional stop-and-go technology.

Until now, PET examinations have been performed in sequential bed positions, alternating between acquisition and patient table motion. As such, planning and scanning have always been restricted by the fixed size of the detector array. Additionally, the inherent complexity of stop-and-go scanning has limited the routine use of advanced PET/CT imaging technology, and often resulted in higher dose, greater patient anxiety, lower efficiency and the potential for patient motion and related image degradation. Siemens understood the only way to break through the limitations of stop-and-go and enable further clinical advancements was to fundamentally change how PET imaging is performed. Powered by Siemens’ revolutionary Flow Motion™ technology, Biograph mCT Flow™ is the world’s first PET•CT system to eliminate the demand for stop-and-go imaging. Now with Biograph mCT Flow and Flow Motion, planning and scanning is based on a single continuous motion of the patient table.  With the new Biograph mCT Flow, physicians benefit from the finest* image resolution in every organ and every scan. Furthering the ability to understand disease, now you can also confidently rely on molecular imaging with accurate and reproducible quantification in all dimensions. Simple and precise range planning eliminates over-scanning and the associated radiation exposure, while simultaneously streamlining workflow. Biograph mCT Flow incorporates a host of proven solutions that support the use of the lowest possible dose, all while scanning patients faster than ever before. Finally, FlowMotion’s sense of continuous progress provides a more comfortable exam experience for patients.



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