Friday, November 8, 2013

An objective assessment of the results of hypospadias surgery

This interesting study strengthens the evidence that the Snodgrass repair can
produce a very good cosmetic result, perhaps even better than other techniques.
This study’s strength lies in the use of independent assessors, blinded to surgical
technique, to objectively evaluate cosmesis. However, this is only one facet in the
evaluation of penile appearance post hypospadias repair. A complete assessment
would include complication rates and, ideally, the patient’s own assessment of the
appearance. Most of the children undergoing this surgery would have been
circumcised as part of the repair, and there was no discussion as to the potential role
of the foreskin in cosmetic outcome. As the authors conclude, an ideal study to
compare cosmesis would be a multicentre, randomized, prospective trial involving
several surgeons, which is probably not feasible.
Ververidis M, Dickson AP, Gough DCS. BJU Int 2005; 96: 135–9



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