Thursday, October 31, 2013


1- The commonly used anticoagulant heparin:
A. Has a half-life of 6 hours.
B. Is administered orally.
C. Activity is measured by PTT.
D. Works by inhibiting platelet aggregation.
E. Inhibits factors V and VII.

2- Risk factors for inguinal hernias in adults include:
A. Sedentary lifestyle.
B. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
C. Anorexia nervosa.
D. Hypertension.
E. Irritable bowel syndrome.

3- A hernia that arises lateral to the inferior epigastric vessels is which of the following?
A. Indirect inguinal hernia.
B. Direct inguinal hernia.
C. Femoral hernia.
D. Obturator hernia.
E. Sliding hernia

4- The most lateral femoral structure in the anatomic position of the groin is:
A. Artery.
B. Lymphatics.
C. Empty space.
D. Nerve.
E. Vein.

5- Incarceration of the antimesenteric portion of the bowel wall is referred to as which
of the following?
A. Umbilical hernia.
B. Richter hernia.
C. Femoral hernia.
D. Indirect inguinal hernia.
E. Hiatal hernia



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