Monday, October 28, 2013

Acute scrotal swelling: a sign of neonatal adrenal haemorrhage.


Two neonates presented with acute scrotal swelling suggestive of testicular torsion. Surgical exploration in one patient revealed an infected haematoma. Subsequent investigations including ultrasonography and urinary catecholamine determination disclosed adrenal haemorrhage as the cause of the scrotal haematoma. A second patient in whom a purplish discolouration of the right hemiscrotum was noted was also investigated with ultrasonography, which revealed a normal right testis and a right adrenal haematoma. Both cases of adrenal haemorrhage resolved spontaneously on conservative treatment. Adrenal haemorrhage should be considered as a possible cause of acute scrotal swelling in neonates. Ultrasonography assessment should be performed in such cases to examine the intra-abdominal organs especially the adrenal glands.



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