Thursday, September 26, 2013

Current therapeutic options for Peyronie's disease

Published on 10 September 2013
Peyronie's disease is a heterogeneous disorder with typical symptoms of plaque formation, penile pain, deviation, penile shortening and erectile dysfunction.
The etiology is unknown. Repetitive micro-traumatic lesions with the formation of inelastic scar tissue at the level of the tunica albuginea are discussed as a trigger mechanism for a questionable genetic disposition. A non-surgical therapy based on a clear pathophysiology does not exist although several conservative treatment regimes are practiced.
 In the stable stage of the disease surgical therapy of penile angulation is the most frequent operation. Depending on the deviation angle, penile length and erectile dysfunction, different types of straightening surgery can be offered. This article provides an overview of conservative management and commonly used surgical techniques.
Written by:
Hauptmann A, Diemer T, Weidner W.



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