Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Medical Management of Comorbid BPH/LUTS and ED: Defining the Current Treatment Algorithm part 4

Prior to the appointment with the specialist, the patient underwent serum evaluation and urinalysis, per the PCP's orders.
§  ED is classified into 5 severity grades: no ED (22-25), mild (17-21), mild to moderate (12-16), moderate (8-11), and severe (1-7)

American Urological Association Symptom Index (AUA-SI) score: 8 (moderate LUTS)
§  LUTS are stratified as mild (1-7), moderate (8-19), or severe (20-35)

 With the new presentation of BPH/LUTS and ED, it is essential to discuss the available medical treatment options for BPH/LUTS and the potential adverse effects (AEs) of each.



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