Monday, July 2, 2012

What is the best open approach for adrenalectomy for the different diseases?

1- Primary hyperaldosteronism
a- posterior
b- 11th rib (left>right)
c- posterior transthoracic

2- Cushing’s adenoma
a- 11th rib
b- thoracoabdominal (large)
c- posterior (small)

3- Cushing’s disease (bilateral hyperplasia)
a- bilateral posterior
b- bilateral 11th rib

4- adrenocortical carcinoma
a- thoracoabdominal
b- 11th rib
c- transabdominal

5- pheochromocytoma
a- transabdominal chevron
b- thoracoabdominal (large, usually right)
c- 11th rib

6- neuroblastoma
a- transabdominal
b- 11th rib

7- bilateral adrenal ablation
bilateral posterior



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