Monday, July 2, 2012

What are some presenting signs of neonatal urologic emergencies?

1) Sepsis: BOO (PUV or neurogenic), VUR, megaureter, ectopic ureter, ureterocele, UPJO, fungal infection + secondary infection
urine and blood C&S, U/S, VCUG
2) hematuria: UTI, RV thrombosis
urine C&S, U/S
3) HTN: RV thrombosis, RA thrombosis
U/S, DMSA scan
4) renal mass: hydronephrosis, AR PCKD, MCDK, congenital megaloblastic nephroma, neuroblastoma, Wilms’ tumour
U/S, CT scan, DMSA scan, MRI
5) renal failure: obstruction, sepsis, renal cortical necrosis, renal dysplasia, renal agenesis
urine C&S, urine lytes, U/S, DMSA or MAG3 scan
6) urinary ascites: obstruction
7) scrotal mass: neonatal torsion, hydrocele, tumour



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