Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Guidelines to Female Catheterization- Ain Shams Univ.undergraduate courses

Guidelines to Female Catheterization- 

Ain Shams Univ.undergraduate courses

Guidelines to ♀  Catheterization
  1. Check availability of required equipment:
·      Sterilization equipment (betadine, drapes, swabs)
·      Sterile gloves
·      Appropriate catheter (as regards size & type)
·      Urine collecting bag
·      10mL syringe containing sterile water
·      Adhesive tape
·      Water-soluble lubricating gel
  1. Introduce yourself to the patient
  2. Explain the procedure and take an oral consent
  3. Position the patient (lithotomy or frog leg position)
  4. Wash and dry your hands
  5. Wear the sterile gloves
  6. Drape your patient while exposing the labia
  7. Retract the labia  majora and minora by your non-dominant hand            (this hand should not get involved in anything sterile thereafter)
  8. In circular motion sterilize the vulva from the meatus growing outwards
  9. Attach the urine collecting bag to the catheter
  10.  Lubricate the tip of the catheter then progress it gently
  11. Upon achieving a stream of urine, advance the catheter for 3-5cm further
  12. Inflate the balloon with 10mL water
  13. Gently retract the catheter until resistance is felt
  14. Secure the catheter to the patient's thigh
  15. Comfort the patient
  16. Record the following:
·      Time of catheterization
·      Volume used to inflate the balloon
·      Initial volume of urine retrieved from catheterization 



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