Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ten rules for the prevention of the risk of kidney stones

1. Keep an ideal weight and take regular moderate exercise in the open air.
2. Drink enough water to obtain a urinary volume of 2 L/d.
3. Restrict the intake of meat and poultry proteins to about 20 g/d.
4. Eat about 40 g of plant protein a day.
5. Eat fruits and vegetables every day, avoiding products rich in oxalate.
6. Eat milk and dairy products to achieve a calcium intake of about 1000 mg/d.
7. Follow the international guidelines on fat and carbohydrate consumption.
8. Use fresh and frozen food products, avoiding precooked and/or preserved foods.
9. Avoid do-it-yourself use of supplements and only take medicines and supplements under medical supervision.
10. Try to avoid stressful life events as far as possible.



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